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News Updates:

October 15th -- Commentary on Job by James Durham.

This excellent commentary on the book of Job is now available.

February 25th -- The Canon by Archibald Alexander.

The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained - this is now available to subscribers.

February 4th -- The Practical Philosophy by R.L.Dabney.

Dabney considered this along with his companion volume "The Sensualistic Philosophy" as his most important work.

Frebruary 1st -- The Five Points of Calvinism

This book is now available to subscribers here. It is usually bound with a similar work by Jonathon Dickinson which is also available here entitled "Important Points of the Christian Faith."

31st January--

A new version of Richard Bolton's Self Enriching Examination is available here. This version combines the searchable text with an improved image of each page of the original volume. It is quite a large file (20MB) and so will take a while to download.

December 18th--

Richard Bolton's "The Saints Self Enriching Examination"  This book is now availabale for subscribers here.

November 26th--

After a long gap we are almost ready to add two further books to the site. Robert Bolton's "The Saints Self Enriching Examination" has been completed and will be added to the site shortly. Most of the hard work on Polehill's "Divine Will" has also been done and we hope this will be added to the site shortly.

August 16th--  Commentary on Ephesians.

This book is now available to subscribers here as a useful addition to our growing online collection of Hodge's works.

August 3rd-- The Life and Letters of R. L. Dabney.

 This book is now available to subscribers here as a useful addition to our growing online collection of Dabney's works. We hope that further volumes of his discussions will also be available soon.

July 12th-- A Chain of Principles.

This book is now available here for subscribers. John Arrowsmith's great work "Armilla Catechetica" or "A Chain of principles" is a summary of Christian Doctrine written in the typical puritan way so as to stir the heart as well as the mind. This book has not been reprinted recently and it would be very difficult for ordinary readers to gain access to it other than here. John Arrowsmith was Master of Trinity College Cambridge from 1653-1659.

May 17th-- Heaven on Earth.

James Durham's book of sermons on the conscience has been thoroughly proof read and a considerable number of footnotes added to explain archaic and Scottish words.

April 14th-- William Plumer on the Psalter.

This excellent commentary on the Psalms is now available here in pdf format. We think this is that first time this book has been made available in digital format and is unique to this site.

March 8th-- John Arrowsmith's A Chain of Principles.

The image files for this book are all now available on line here the text file for this book is now being checked ready to be made available as a pdf file. We are also working on a much improved text search system for the site which we hope will be available soon.

February 24th-- Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans

 Charles Hodge's excellent Commentary on the Epistle of Paul to the Romans is now available here to subscribers.

February 23th-- Report in the Evangelical Times

The report regarding this project in the Evangelical Times suggested that it was for Evangelical Library members only. This is not true. The subscriptions to the project are open to anyone independent of whether they belong to the Library or not.

January 21st 2006

I saw a link to this blog - The New College Conventicle regarding the historical study of the Puritans when I was reading Phil's blog.

We are working hard on John Arrowsmith's work of theology "Armilla Catechetica" or "A Chain of Principles" He was Master of both St. John's and Trinity College successively and Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University. The book was originally published in 1659. Here is a image of the first page to wet your appetite!

B.B. Warfield thought highly of this work and republished selections from it in 1889.

January 7th 2006

The e-book of Heaven upon Earth is now available for subscribers. This is a full searchable text version available in pdf format. This is an important work as it shows how Puritan preachers dealt with the subject of the conscience at a popular level. This volume is a series of sermons preached in Glasgow on the major texts dealing with the conscience from the New Testament. The following volumes are now also available:

January 5th 2006

We have made available the first part of a project to produce the works of R.L. Dabney in electronic format. The volumes that are currently available to all subscribers are:

The biograhy and Letters of Dabney along with what he regarded as his most important work "Practical Philosophy" will soon be available.

December 28th 2005

Another brand new e-book is now available. This is a volume written by the great Scottish Theologian and pastor Samuel Rutherford. Extracts have been produced and are available elsewhere on the internet. This however is (as far as we know) the first time this volume has been available either as a hardcopy reprint or an e-book. This is available here for those whose subscriptions have been confirmed.

Also unique to this site is a volume of sermons preached by James Durham (another great Scottish preacher and theologian) on the conscience. This volume has not been reprinted or published anywhere on the internet. It's title is "Heaven on Earth" and the sermons deal with key texts in the New Testament on the function of the conscience. This appears to be a much neglected subject in evangelical preaching today. Thus we know little of the causes of the pain and depression which afflict us and little of the joy and "heaven on earth" of a good conscience. These sermons richly repay a careful study.

The complete image file of Heaven on Earth - James Durham is now available.

December 20th 2005

The complete image file of Self Examination - R. Bolton is now available here.